Hey Eldy is your supportive and judgement-free solution to learning digital technologies, social media platforms and new communication tools that have become integral parts of modern life.

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Our website offers a comprehensive library of courses with a range of topics, from beginner cell phone skills to advanced Bluetooth connectivity...the list goes on and on.

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Connect with a community of learners on our forum or discussion board, where you can share tips and advice, and learn from each other.

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Our video tutorials are easy-to-follow and designed to help you learn new skills quickly and efficiently.

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If you need help or have questions, our friendly and patient live support team is eager and available to assist you through chat or email.

How Hey Eldy works?

Have a look at the process of Hey Eldy to make the most out of our powerful learning platform.

What's in store?

Are you ready to embark on an enriching journey of technological learning, self improvement, and community building? Look no further. Hey Eldy is here! Whether you want to improve you Instagram skills or learn some tips on online dating, our wide selection of courses will make learning effective and fun.

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After exploring the Hey Eldy website, simply click the 'sign up' button. Our checkout process is straightforward and hassle-free, with no unnecessary steps. Once you have completed the sign-up process, your membership will be activated.

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Once you purchase your membership, you will gain full access to explore what the benefits that Hey Eldy has to offer. You will enter a personalized membership-only homepage tailored exclusively for you. Don't forget to watch the welcome videos to get a comprehensive overview of all the advantages of Hey Eldy.

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Begin by selecting the course that best aligns with your interest. These courses are designed to make your technological learning experience enjoyable and easy to understand. Through our courses, you will gain a new level of confidence in your abilities.

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Now that you have decided on a course, it’s now time to learn and put your skills into action. Engaging in our interactive videos and accessible watching tools allows you to master new skills, in no time. Remember that you can rewatch these course videos as many times as you would like...no judgement here, take your time.

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When you want to take a break from the course videos, head on over to the forums page. In the forums page, you can engage in weekly forum discussions, live chat rooms, instant messaging with your like-minded community. Connection and community is our goal.

Community Guidelines

This is a judgment-free zone: no ageism, hateful speech, harassment, or bullying.

No discrimination against an individual’s race, sexual orientation, gender, or social economic status.

No spamming or impersonating others.

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