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Have a look at our frequently asked questions.

What is Hey Eldy?

Hey Eldy is the premier community-based learning platform that provides a user-friendly experience to help our members navigate today's world. Hey Eldy was built to help foster social connection, provide support systems, and promote inclusivity in an effort to enhance the well-being of the Eldy community.

How do we achieve our goal?

Through online video learning courses, one-on-one intergenerational mentorship, a community-focused forum, and more. Hey Eldy equips our members with the tools to combat their challenges.

What type of topics does Hey Eldy cover?

Hey Eldy offers a wide variety of learning courses, including online safety, scamming prevention, home service applications, social media training, social connectivity and so much more.

Is there an age limit to use Hey Eldy?

We warmly welcome all individuals to join our course, while emphasizing that it is primarily designed to cater to the needs and interests of the Silent Generation and Baby Boomers. If you are interested in becoming an Eldy Helper, please contact us at

What is included in a Hey Eldy membership?

Your Hey Eldy membership will provide you with online video learning courses, one-on-one intergenerational mentorship, a community-focused forum, and more. Each learning video allows for closed captioning, live video transcriptions, picture-to- picture capabilities, and a new course uploaded every two weeks.

Do we offer one-on-one support?

At Hey Eldy, our members are able to schedule two virtual Eldy Helper monthly sessions. We will answer any technological questions that you may have, offer suggestions for tools and resources that may fit your needs, or simply be a listening ear.

What equipment or software do I need to take the courses?

To use Hey Eldy, all you need is a device with internet connection such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Which courses are right for me?

Each course is carefullly crafted to cater to both beginners and advanced Eldys, ensuring accessibility for all skill levels. With a new course added each week, you can acquire practical skills, explore newfound interests, and gain valuable everyday wisdom.

How much does Hey Eldy cost?

The monthly membership is $25.

How do I cancel?

While we have full faith in your enjoyment as a Hey Eldy member, we offer an anytime cancellation policy.